InterWeave Help


There are two types of issues/errors related to: Data or Connection

Data errors must be fixed by customer or by us (if company profile setup has issues). Connection issues are reviewed below.
The accounts without connection errors are running well, and wise versa. There is no need in analysing the accounts (customers) because we know what these permanent issues of the integration system currently are:


1.  Quickbooks Desktop application/database is not reliable and crashing from time to time. The are a few reasons:

1.1  QB company file size is too big
1.2  QB installation was done “inaccurate”
1.3  QB file is corrupted (usually over time)
1.4  Intuit account login popup window in QB UI
1.5  QB Has stopped working/Unrecoverable/Fatal Errors (for unknown reasons)
1.6  QB Warning popup window “The system Theme Settings have changed…” (I have no idea how to suppress it)
1.7  QB software update popup window
1.8  QB user switches company file into exclusive use mode without stopping flows

2. QODBC Driver issues:

2.1  QRemote app is crashing for unknown reason from time to time
2.2  PING in QRemote (still happening after the fix but much less then before)


Connection to Intuit server is lost from time to time (usually it fixes by itself)
Connection authorization is limited to 180 days and must be reconnected (sometimes the period is less or much less then 180 days for unknown reasons)


Usually, we have no issues with Salesforce connection if SF integration user’s password is not changed.