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10-Day Implementation Plan for Salesforce to QuickBooks

Pre-Implementation Preparation

Day 1: Discovery and Setup

Kickoff Meeting:

    • Initiate the kickoff meeting with the customer to introduce the integration project, discuss goals and gather initial requirements.
    • Collect necessary surveys from the customer, including Salesforce and QuickBooks configurations, data structures and integration objectives. Ratify SmartTracks Edition Customer selected.

Day 2-3: Project Planning & QuickBooks Connection

Project Planning:

    • Present detailed project plan outlining tasks, timelines, and resource requirements for the integration implementation.

QuickBooks Connection Setup:

    • Work with Customer to identify either QBO or QB Desktop Edition. If QB Desktop, engage with  Customer or ISP hosting partner Customers QB Desktop Edition. Commence with Connection setup.
Salesforce Setup & Solution Configuration

Day 3-6: Salesforce Setup & Solution Configuration

Salesforce Setup:

    • Run InterWeave Unmanaged Package in Salesforce to ensure compatibility with the integration solution, including setting up required objects, fields and permissions.

Setup Salesforce Sandbox Test Environment:

    • Set up Salesforce Sandbox environment to validate connection and ratify.

SmartSolutions Configuration:

    •  Set up the Customers InterWeave Solution and configure integration settings based on the selected SmartTracks Edition.
    • Work with the Customer to tailor to the customer’s Salesforce and QuickBooks environments, considering data mappings, workflows and integration points.

Day 7-8: Complete Sandbox Integration Tests

Final Integration Testing:

    • Test and update Configuration and workflows to facilitate data synchronization between Salesforce and QuickBooks.
      Production Deployment and Post-Implementation Support

Day 9 – 10: Production Deployment and Training

    • Production Deployment: Re-deploy the configured integration Solution to the customer’s Salesforce and QuickBooks Production environments.
    • User Training: Provide comprehensive training sessions for end-users on how to use the integrated systems effectively and troubleshoot common issues.
    • Documentation: Provide documentation and user guides for reference, including integration setup instructions and troubleshooting tips.
Review and Transition

Day 11 on: Review Meeting and Handoff

    • Review Meeting: Hold a review meeting with the customer to assess the success of the integration implementation, gather feedback, and discuss any additional requirements or enhancements.
    • Customer Success Handoff: Transition the customer to the ongoing support and customer success teams for continued assistance and guidance.