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What is the InterWeave SmartPortal?

The InterWeave Payment Portal (TPP) is specifically designed for InterWeave customers to connect with their information (i.e., employees, partners and customers) to review their outstanding invoices, and select ones for payments. InterWeave will provide their customers with the URL, user id and password to access the TPP. Customer registration will be completed and entered into Creatio by InterWeave and then provided to the customer via email.

Benefits to the Customers using the TPP

As a Creatio connected Solution, the TPP provides its customers with seamless integration with  Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Invoices, Products and more. This is the information that is utilized to create the invoices for the customer to select, review and process payments. The TPP is an extended framework to InterWeave’ s Creatio.

The InterWeave Payment Portal for Creatio Sections

    1. SmartSolutions End-User Engagement
    2. SmartSolutions Setup and Testing
    3. Integration Manager Process Manual
    4. Connection with Creatio, your Merchant Service Provider, Firewalls & your Domain