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As you get started with InterWeave, it’s helpful to learn some key concepts and terms. They come up frequently when you interact with the Solutions, our documentation and our service professionals. The concepts and terms here help you understand how InterWeave works.


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Cloud InterWeave, the SmartIntegration Platform for CRM and InterWeave SmartSolutions term for its company-wide commitment to building and delivering the most secure, fast and reliable cloud-based Solutions available.

InterWeave SmartSolutions are the name for a loose federation of features that help you accomplish certain types activities, such as integrating CRM Solutions or supporting your customers with the InterWeave Portal. Common examples are the Salesforce/Creatio Integration Solutions to QuickBooks, Sage and MS Dynamics.

Cloud Computing Technology that enables Internet-based Solutions that let you sign up and log in through a browser. InterWeave delivers its Solutions in the cloud.
Software(Solutions) as a Service (SaaS)  

Software delivered not by traditional means (such as on disk) but in the cloud, as a service. Or in our case, a Solution. There’s nothing to download or install, and updates are automatic.


The InterWeave term for its company-wide commitment to building and delivering the most secure, fast, and reliable cloud-based Solutions available.

Trust is a systems status website that provides InterWeave customers and the community access to real-time and historical system performance information and updates. It also lists incident reports and maintenance schedules across all its key system components. is free to all members of the InterWeave community.

Solutions and Services

InterWeave includes these Solutions and services.

InterWeave Solutions InterWeave provides Pre-Configured Integration Solutions for customer relationship management (CRM) ranging from Salesforce, Creatio and others.
InterWeave Platform



The InterWeave platform is one of the first Integration Software as a Service platforms (SaaS). Customers can work with Configurable Solutions that integrate CRM with Financial Applications, Merchant Service Providers, eCommerce, Databases and more.
InterWeave Exchange The InterWeave Exchange highlights the CRM Vendors that InterWeave  works with, and the Solutions that power those CRM’s when looking to integrate with Financial Applications, Merchant Service Providers, eCommerce, Databases and more.
InterWeave Help & Community InterWeave Help provides training, support, knowledge base, support forum, best practice, documentation and more help you be successful. Visit All Knowledgebase Articles – InterWeave Help.



InterWeave is the leader in on-demand SmartSolutions that integrate any application, process, gateway, protocol, customer partner in the world. We make it easy for customers to create integrated solutions that are specific to their business processes, workflow and customer experience.

Edition One of several bundles of InterWeave Solutions, each geared toward a different set of business needs. All InterWeave editions share the look and feel, but they vary by feature, functionality, and pricing.
Object A definition of a specific type of information that InterWeave works with typically in CRM applications. For example, the Case object lets you store information about customer inquiries. For each object, your organization has multiple, specific records. InterWeave works with lots of standard objects, but work with custom objects, as well.
Organization A deployment of InterWeave that has a defined set of licensed users. Your organization includes all your data and applications.
Record A collection of fields that store information about a specific item of a specific type. A record is an object, such as a contact, an account, or an opportunity. For example, you can have a contact record to store information about Joe Smith, and a case record store information about his training inquiry.
InterWeave releases new Solutions and features three times per year, and we identify releases by season—Winter, Spring, and Summer—along with the calendar year. Example: Winter ’15.
InterWeave The name of the company is Integration Technologies, Inc. (dba) InterWeave SmartSolutions.