InterWeave Help


  1. Create a new test Customer in QB
  2. Run QBCust2SFAcctNF flow to send it to SF.
  3. Find out what QB LastModified timestamp is (in SF) and copy it.
  4. Update Customer in QB (e.g. change or add phone number).
  5. Run flow QBCust2SFAcctDRS switching it to single run mode (5thcolumn in IM) and using the following parameters:
    1. BatchSize – 5
    1. EndDateTime – 2022-01-01 00:00:00
    1. StartDateTime – Paste the QB LastModified from #3 removing .0 at the end so format should be exactly as in #b above (YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS)
    1. Check if QB  Lastmodified in SF has changed. If yes – you are done and no Time Zone Shift required
    1. If it has not change – reduce StartDateTime for 1 hour (e.g. if it says 11:43:56 make it 10:43:56) and run the flow again.
    1. The number of attempts (#7) until QB LastModified changes is your Time Zone Shift. If for example you reduced StartDateTime 4 times – your time zone shift is 4. The biggest number I’ve seen is 22. If you made 22 runs and no luck – please stop the process and let me know.