InterWeave Help


    1. Creatio Dedicated License for Integration or the new Integration License from Creatio.
    2. When configuring your Solution in the InterWeave Payment Portal, the last page is where you enter your Creatio User ID and Password and your Merchant Service Provider User ID and Password.
      • Regarding Creatio, we typically use a lightly used Creatio license for the integration license – but, if all are actively used – purchase a separate Creatio License and dedicate it to integration.
      • If you have the new Creatio Integration license, we will use that.

Creatio change of Password

If you want to change Creatio password, then:

      1. Stop the Flows.
      2. Change password in Creatio.
      3. Open company configuration and at the last page of the wizard change Creatio password correspondingly.
      4. Re-start your Flows.

Customer Logins in the ISP

There can be two logins (administration if treated separately)

      1. One will be for normal logging in to flows
      2. One will be to edit and change company profile
      3. Be sure to document both.