InterWeave Help


How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to a New Version

1. Please notify us 3 days ahead the date it will happen

2. Buy new QODBC Driver license (CD Key) if your current QODBC Driver license older than new QB version (e.g., QODBC Driver version is 2021 and new QuickBooks version is 2023). (Note: please talk to Bruce regarding the new license purchase)

3. Stop all integration flows before the upgrade

4. Let us know the QB upgrade is done to:

4.1 Schedule QB reconnection meeting if we have no direct RDC remote access to your QB server

4.2 Provide a date/time when QB can be switched to single user admin mode if we have RDC remote access to QB server and QB admin access to company file.

5. We will reconnect to QB company file (it will require QB admin password and switching QB into a single user admin mode for 30-40 minutes)

6. Wee will test new connection and restart integration flows

After you have finished installing your new version of QuickBooks. To ensure your user experience goes smooth, please complete the following steps when first using your new software the yellow welcome banners need to be dismissed.

Log in each QB user one time in each company file

Your company file will likely not be listed on the initial screen. Select the option to open/restore a company file, select the option to open a local file and click next. In the File Explorer window that appears, click the computer in the left pane, open the folder and select your company file (greenish-yellow icon, ending in QBW) and click open.

Enter the name and password of the QB user and logon to the company file QuickBooks will prompt you to update your company file to the new version. Please note, you will no longer be able to use your file on the old version of QuickBooks after the update. Please follow any prompts to backup and update your company file. Please save your backup to C:\Cloud Files to keep it with the rest of your data.

Once you have updated and the file opens, click one of the yellow banners to dismiss the bubbles

Click the “X” on the yellow bar that appears on the right-hand side.

Close the Company file.

Repeat steps1, 2, and 4-6 for each company file you will access. Also, each QuickBooks user will have to follow the procedure for each company file.