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The Payment Object is a custom Object designed to capture all payments made from Creatio to your Merchant Service Provider, and/or to receive all payments recorded in your Merchant Service Provider.

Payment Object Detail for Creatio to your Merchant Service Provider


If you are running, you will need to choose from the selection of fields below to support real-time, batch and recurring Payment Processing.

In Creatio

    1. Payment Processing. If you want to use payment processing in your Accounts or Opportunities, follow the process below:

The Payment Object. You now need to create a Custom Object in Creatio to support the Payment Processing work flows. The Payment Object Name is Payments. Go to Setup, App Setup, click on Customize – then click on Objects below. The fields required are below:

Custom Field Custom Field Type Field Description
Payment Number Text(11) Payment Number (set to – external id unique)
RefNumber Text(11) Reference Number
Opportunity Master-Detail or Lookup (Parent) Connects Payment Object to Opportunity or Quote
Total Amount Currency(15,2) Total Payment Amount
Transaction Date Date Payment Transaction Date