InterWeave Help


In InterWeave, each user is uniquely identified with a username, password, and profiles for their Solutions. Together with other settings, the profile determines which Solutions the customer is licensed for, which integrates CRM data with Financial data, Payment Gateways and more.


Available: InterWeave Small Business, Small Business Plus, Enterprise and Ultimate
Available in: All Editions

Unless otherwise specified, users must not share their passwords with other users. Reassign user credentials to new users only after the previous user is permanently deactivated and no longer has access to the org’s services and content. If you reuse user credentials as permitted and described here, reassign only the username. Do not reassign the password.

Your username must be unique across all InterWeave registered customers.  The username must be in the format of an email address, for example, The email used in your username need not function or match the email address used for the account. You can have the same email address associated with your account across multiple profiles. Keep in mind that InterWeave Customer Support can’t change usernames or deactivate users from a profile. If you get a Duplicate Username error, check if the username is already in use in your production, trial, or CRM orgs. Deactivate or change the username for the user record, then create your account with your desired username in your production org. If you’re unable to change or deactivate a username, contact your InterWeave admin for help. If you’re unable to locate the org where the username is already in use, try a different username to create your account.