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How to Process a One-time Payment, Recurring Payment, Credit Memo & Refund

1. To Process a One-time Payment

In Section 1: Credit Card & E-Check (ACH) Payment Details (Real-Time and Scheduled)

In Edit Mode, select Payment Method and Manual CREDIT CARD Amount to Charge.

In Section 3: Bank Account and Credit Card Details

In Edit Mode, fill out either or both ACH and Credit Card information

In this example, we have two buttons to select at the top of the SF Opportunity [Process CC or E-Check] – which is for or [PayPal CC Processing]  – which is for PayPal. Click the button and transaction will be processed.

The result is a Transaction Record will be created in the Transaction Custom Object and the date will be filled in Last Date of Authorized Payment field:

Transaction Object with Records (example):

Transaction Record Detail

If an ACH Payment, fill out the ACH information in Section 1 and Section 3, enter the amount and check the ACH checkbox. Run as Credit Card process above.

2. To Process a Recurring Payment

In Section 2: Credit Card & E-Check (ACH) Payment Details (Recurring)

In Edit Mode, enter data (value shown for an example):

Check if Recurring Monthly Payment               Yes

Recurring Payments Start Month                      5/22/2022

Number of Month Recurring                              6

Day of Month to Bill On                                      10

Recurring Monthly Payment Amount             100.00


In Section 3: Bank Account and Credit Card Details

In Edit Mode, fill out Credit Card information

Your ACH/CC Payment Process flows (running every hour) will process this transaction on the correct date, number of months, day to bill on and amount – and create a Transaction Record under the Transaction Object.

3. To Process a Credit Memo or Refund

To process a Credit Memo/Refund, you open the Transaction Detail Record and click on the [CC Refund] button.