InterWeave Help


Smart Solution Set Up and Testing 

The main customer portal login is located at – select “Login” on the main title bar. Your SmartSolutions Technical Specialist will work with you to execute the steps below: 

Step 1 – Create custom fields in Salesforce and QuickBooks 

  • Customize/update Creatio with mandatory custom fields as identified below 
  • Customize/update Creatio with optional custom fields as identified below 
  • Customize/update QuickBooks with custom fields as identified below 

Step 2 – Connectivity Set Up 

  • If you are connecting to QuickBooks Online – see the first section 
  • If you’re connecting to your QuickBooks Company file on a server, see instructions below 
  • Install connector, configure firewall 
  • Ensure QB connectivity with help of Support 
  • Make sure you have received the so-called “QODBC URI” string from Support by this point (it looks like this – “jdbc:odbc:CompanyName“) 
  • Login to edit your company profile (EditCompanyProfile), verify that all your settings are properly filled in and on the last page of settings, put in the QODBC URI (in the correspondingly-named row) 

Step 3 – Registration & Solution Configuration on the InterWeave Solutions Portal 

  • Select New Company? Please Register Here 
  • Enter your unique registration information (and remember it – it is case sensitive) 
  • Select your Solution and walk through the Configuration with your InterWeave Technical Specialist 
  • This takes about 30 to 45 minutes 

Step 4 – Activation of Flows and Testing 

  • Log into the InterWeave Solutions Portal 
  • Log in and commence testing individual Flows (objects) 

Creatio Object Testing: 

  • Account 
  • Opportunity 
  • Sales Order 
  • Invoice 
  • Products 

Step 5 – Initialization of QuickBooks 

  • Before you start testing, you need to make sure QuickBooks is ready. 

Step 6 – Binding and Production 

  • When your testing is complete, we will run the binding flows for Creatio to QB that evening 
  • Next morning, Log into the InterWeave Solutions Portal, set your Flow timings – and you’re running. 


For more information, contact for access to documentation.