InterWeave Help


Step 2 – Registration & Payment Solution Configuration Register

The first step is to Register and Configure yourself and your company in the InterWeave Solutions Portal (ISP).

  1. Go to the ISP home page, select New Company? Please register here
  2. Enter your Company/Organization (exactly as you want it)
  3. Enter your Administrator’s E-Mail Address (this can be you also)
  4. Enter Administrators First Name, Last Name, Password and Confirm Password
  5. Select your Integration Solution (ex. Creatio to QuickBooks)

With the assistance of your InterWeave Solutions Specialist, select the Configuration Options that invoke the object/field configuration you want. During this Configuration step, you may create/define as many custom fields in Creatio as you wish – which correlate to QuickBooks fields – and enter then into your Configuration options.

Certain mandatory fields are required in Creatio and QuickBooks to make your Solution operate smoothly (See Create custom fields in Creatio). Depending on your selections, certain optional fields are also mandatory fields required.

InterWeave Solutions Portal Profile

Some of the options you’ve specified for your Solution in the InterWeave Solutions Portal (ISP) configuration may require presence of specific custom fields in Creatio and QuickBooks. The following documents those requirements; it may be helpful to login and have your profile information on-screen.

Edit Company Profile – You can review and change your company profile information in the ISP by clicking the “Edit company profile” link in the main login page. Enter the company name (exactly as it was specified in the initial setup), administrator email and the password. Then click “Load Company Profile“. The rest can be navigated using the “Next” button. Click the ” Finish” button on the very last page to commit configuration changes.

Make sure that the configuration information is correct, as the flows will not work otherwise. Also, make sure that the Creatio login as well as the QODBC URI are specified (the latter should have been provided by support).

NOTE: if you have changed profile settings, you must log out and then log back in from the Transaction Flow Manager screen (use the log out link near the top of the page).