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Could you please provide us with a rough outline of the sequential steps involved in supporting Production Flows? Specifically, understanding the timing for actions such as binding, bulk loading, and data synchronization.

We will be walking the Customer through the steps in supporting Production Flows, as every meeting we have will be a Training Session. In our website – InterWeave Help – The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM – there is the Knowledge Base and the Documentation for the Solution. We will be working with the Customer to Register them (and any others), so access to the Salesforce_QuickBooks Solutions Help & Training Guide.

Regarding Binding, Bulk Loading and Data Synchronization, the first two are detailed in our 8 Step Document attached. Binding is done right prior to going to Production, as we bind Accounts in Salesforce with Customers/Vendors in QuickBooks. We include Bulk Loading of data from QuickBooks to Salesforce for the current year and will show the Customer to load History. The data loading is regulated by the number of Salesforce API’s available – we work with the Customer in creating this schedule. Data Synchronization is part of the discussion at the Flow level and is part of the discussion when enabling the Production Flows.