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Introduction to the InterWeave Payment Portal for Salesforce

Introduction to the InterWeave Payment Portal for Creatio Help & Training Manual.

Welcome to InterWeave, the on-demand service designed for you to manage your Solutions, integrate with other systems, and even build your own Solution.

The InterWeave service includes the following components:

InterWeave SmartSolutions

SmartSolutions includes pre-built integration Solutions between the “Best of Breed” applications in the market today ranging from Creatio to Financial to Payments to ERP to Billing to eCommerce to Customer Service, Data Base, Web Services and more.

InterWeave SmartSolutions Platform

The InterWeave SmartSolutions platform is a Platform as a Service (PaaS), enabling developers to create and deliver any kind of integrated business Solution, entirely on-demand and without software. The platform IDE includes easy-to-use, point-and-click customization tools to create solutions for your unique business requirements, without any programming experience.

The Creatio service includes the following components:


Creatio is a no-code platform that lets you build applications and automate enterprise workflows without coding. It offers a universe of ready-to-use apps, industry workflows, and customization options for various industries and scenarios12Creatio is also a CRM (customer relationship management) system that helps you manage your marketing, sales, and service activitiesCreatio has been recognized by several industry analysts as a leader in no-code/low-code, BPM, and CRM markets.

Creatio Marketplace

The Creatio Marketplace offers a wide range of apps and templates that can help businesses extend Creatio functionality with out-of-the-box processes, templates, and apps.