InterWeave Help


SmartSolutions End User Engagement for the TPP

Sign On Page

It all starts with the sign on page, user id and password that was generated by InterWeave and sent to the customer via email. The URL for the InterWeave Payment Portal is IW Customer Portal ( Once you have entered the User Name and Password, click on “Login to Payment Portal”, which will take you to the first Detail Page.

First Detail Page

The First Detail Page will display the customers’ invoices – Orders, Amount, Outstanding Payments, Close Date on separate lines. At the end of each line, is a “Pay Now” button, which will take you to the Payment Page.

Customers Payment Page

The Payment Page is comprised of two sections: Order Name, Total due and Pay Amount on the left, and Credit Card number, First Name, Last Name, Expire Date and CVM code. Once you have entered this information, click “Process Payment”, which will execute this payment with your Merchant Services Provider the Solution is connected to. After processing, you have the “Return Home” or “Logout” option as selections.