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Integration Technologies is the leader in on-demand SMARTSolutions that integrate any application, process, gateway, protocol, customer (partner) in the world. We make it easy for customers to create integrated solutions that are specific to their business processes, workflow and customer experience. Companies worldwide now have real-time information flow, tighter employee collaboration and improved strategic business decision capabilities. Unlike traditional enterprise software alternatives, SMARTSolutions require no hardware, software or IT support, deploy in days and have the right model for each customer. InterWeave SMARTSolutions —integration solutions made easy.

Integration Challenges

As organizations collect and store more information, data integration is becoming increasingly problematic. Nearly 70 percent of respondents to a recent global survey of IT professional and business users called data integration a high or very high inhibitor of new-application implementation.

What’s holding companies back? There are several key issues:

Lack of business case definition. Midsized and large companies cite “lack of collaboration between sales and finance” as their biggest obstacle when planning to create an integrated environment. They want to foster more dialogue and communication—but the current approach clearly isn’t working.

Poor data integration infrastructure. Many sales and financial managers would like to overhaul their existing approaches and adopt “Best Practices”; however, they are not sure where to start. Ideally, they would like a “map” for improving their processes, and would like to know what has been successful for others—but their peers are in similar situations.

Introducing SmartSolutions.

Integration Technologies addresses these obstacles with an inspired new approach to data integration — “InterWeave SmartSolutions”. With InterWeave, companies can now connect their front, middle and back office with configurable solutions that implement their business processes and workflow. Now, every employee, no matter what application they are working with, will have the right information, at the right time, in the right format — all connected by InterWeave.

    • InterWeave SmartSolutions delivers this through a unique set of capabilities that includes:
    • Complete, configurable Solutions to integrate today’s popular business applications; you configure, test, run.
    • All processes, workflow logic, mapping is ready for you to configure – with a mouse and the web
    • Smart Solutions are completely configurable by the customer with pick lists, drop downs or custom fields
    • An alternative to inefficient program and consultant based approaches, our next generation web-based Solutions are powerful yet easy to use, extremely affordable, and deploy in just days.
    • Integrates easily with SaaS or local solutions; CRM, Financial, Payments, eCommerce, ERP, Databases, etc.
    • Start-ups, SMB or Enterprise – select exactly the right configuration for you – modify at any time
    • No software, no hardware, no developers

The Software as a Service Advantage

Compared with traditional enterprise software, InterWeave SmartSolutions Software as a Service (SaaS) approach offers numerous advantages, including:

    • Lower costs··
    • Faster deployments··
    • Greater ease of use··
    • More transparency··
    • Lower risk··
    • Higher customer satisfaction··

The solution can be accessed on-demand, over the web, or deployed on-premises, in a company’s data center or hosting provider.

InterWeave Integration Platform


    • Easily configure, maintain and monitor your integration solutions—without requiring IT experts
    • Customize your solutions at any time — just log in and add/change your selections
    • Provides data to the right application, in the right format, at the right :me- improve your employees productivity
    • We integrate with a large selection of “Best of Breed” applications··if you don’t see it, just ask
    • This is SaaS—Software as a Service. No developers, no servers, support in included.

Integration Categories:

    • CRMSalesforce, Creatio, OROCRM, SugarCRM, SuiteCRM, Oracle Sales Cloud, MS Dynamics, etc.
    • FinancialQuickBooks (Online and Desktop), Sage 50- 500, Sage Business Cloud, Sage 300 Online, Intacct, X3, ACCPAC, MAS 90/200, MS Dynamics, Oracle
    • eCommerceOver 44 and counting
    • Payments & BillingIntegration with over 48 MSP’s
    • Customer SupportFreshdesk and others

InterWeave’s configurable environment makes it easy for business user to create, monitor and manage sophisticated integration solutions between many different applications—in real-time. The user-friendly, intuitive interface provides solutions in a configurable format where you select the flows that integrate the source and target objects with pick lists, drop downs and unlimited custom field addition. Integration direction is selectable at object level, so you may implement your business process and work flow the way your business works. Integration has never been simpler.


InterWeave Platform Components

InterWeave IDE enables development professionals to easily build and deploy solutions that deliver more effective, efficient, intelligent and intuitive customer integrations, by leveraging the powerful capabilities of the InterWeave Platform. The IDE provides professional developers with a robust tool set for developing integration solutions using the InterWeave Platform. The IDE combines the SOA standards-based InterWeave development framework with a powerful set of runtime services to deliver enterprise- class, rich, Integration Solutions.

InterWeave Integration Server is a scalable, extensible and distributed real-time integration engine that links systems, transforms data, and implements workflows across application and organizational boundaries. The InterWeave Integration Server manages and performs Integration workflow and processing based on information provided in XSLT documents defined using XML, XSL Transformations and XPath.

The Adapter Suite is a set of Java Classes with provide real-:me and bi-directional communication with heterogeneous applications, databases and services that the integration server talk to.

The Connector Suite is a set of Java Classes which provide protocol translation at the front-end, thereby allowing the integration server to appear as different servers (e.g. HTML server, XML server, SOAP server, etc.) at the calling programming level.

The InterWeave Solutions Portal has two sections: Customer Registration and Solution Configuration Selection. Customer Registration is where a customer logs in, assigns passwords, company information, etc. Once established, move to Solution Configuration. Select from our libraries; ex. CRM to Financial Applications – and configure your solution, integrating the objects and fields you want – with the objects and fields you want – and select the kind of relationships you want the data to have – aligning with your business processes and workflow. (example below)

The Software as a Service Advantage

Software as a Service (SaaS) is the most powerful and exciting development in enterprise software in over a decade. Why is that? SaaS solutions solve many of the problems that have long plagued traditional enterprise software offerings, such as large upfront license fees, long implementations, complicated upgrades, and poor support. Fundamentally, the SaaS model simply provides better value to customers.

InterWeave’s Software as a Service Solutions can be accessed on-demand or deployed on-premises, in a company’s datacenter or hosting provider, in order to meet a wide range of customer needs. In both cases, InterWeave presents significant advantages over traditional enterprise data and system integrators:

  • Lower Costs ·· InterWeave’s annual subscriptions are based on a model which reflect feature and functions, with discounts for bundled and multi-year contracts. The total cost of the solutions and services are typically a fraction of the cost of enterprise software alternatives.
  • Faster Deployments·· InterWeave implementation projects average less than 10 days of elapsed :me, compared with 6 months or more for enterprise alternatives.
  • Greater Ease of Use·· From the beginning, InterWeave has been designed for business users, not technical IT users. With intuitive, pick lists, drop downs and unlimited custom field additions, users typically require under two hours of training.
  • More Transparency ··Unlike traditional software companies, InterWeave provides complete transparency around its operations, solutions monitoring, error processing and customer support interactions are available online — 24/7/365.
  • Lower Risk·· The configurable SaaS approach significantly reduces risk. Each customer may configure their solutions to exactly fit their specific needs, and subscriptions can be cancelled at any time if a company is not receiving value. Enterprise alternatives require large upfront capital outlays without a real understanding of the software.
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction·· SaaS is truly a “service” business model, which means that InterWeave is keenly focused on providing exceptional value to attract and retain satisfied customers. There is a profound difference in the relationship compared to what’s typical with enterprise software companies, and our customers agree—InterWeave has received the highest customer satisfaction marks among all leading integration vendor in independent industry surveys.
  • InterWeave’s SaaS approach is ideally suited for any company that has limited personnel, time, or capital resources.

World-Class Security and Uptime

InterWeave provides world-class security and uptime. Our Managed Services Provider (MSP) is Rackspace Managed Hosting. Rackspace is Sarbanes/Oxley, SaaS 70, Salesforce, Symantec certified and is PCI compliant. Rackspace provides all our datacenter operations, including infrastructure services, physical security, and backup and disaster recovery services.

Additionally, InterWeave solutions feature the strongest encryption protocols; user IDs, passwords, and granular user access controls; and a multi:-tenant architecture that keeps every company’s data separate from others. Many customers comment that because we are experts in the field, we are able to provide security and uptime that far exceed the levels attainable by their in-house IT departments.

Enterprise Software InterWeave SaaS Solution
Large upfront license fees – high risk Low annual subscriptions – minimal risk
Long, costly implementations Rapid, affordable implementations
New releases once per year New releases 6 times per year
New features require an IT upgrade New features delivered automatically
New hardware and software required No new hardware or software required
Requires IT support and maintenance No IT support or maintenance required
Security dependent upon in-house World-class, 3rd-party security
Poor customer satisfaction Superior customer service

World-Class Company, World-Class Customers Integration Technologies, Inc. is on its sixtieth year of business with offices in New York, Connecticut and Canada supporting customers world-wide. With strong product offerings and balance sheet, InterWeave is looking to open offices in London, Australia, Latin American and other locations this year.