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InterWeave – The SmartIntegration Platform for CRM provides integration Solutions for our Partners that integrate Financial applications, ACH/CC Payment Gateways, Customer Portals,  eCommercre, ERP, web services, Data Bases, etc. – all in a hub/spoke model – with these Partners. The InterWeave difference is that our Solutions are configurable to your exact requirements, so no two Solutions are the same. If the architecture of the source (CRM) and target (Application) can support your business process and workflow; we can work with it. 

The InterWeave Exchange is where we showcase these Solutions and Services which  extend these Solutions with Services, Partners and more. If you’re an ISV partner or consultant, the InterWeave Exchange helps customers discover Solutions and Services that compliment you. If you’re a CRM administrator or user, the Exchange helps you find tools and talent to unleash your company’s productivity.

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