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Prior to Binding, let’s compare and decide either the CRM or the Financial System is Master

So prior to your binding step, let’s focus on getting your data clean. Example below.

  1. For your Accounting System
    1. Export all Customers to an Excel Sheet.
    2. Export all Items to a separate Excel Sheet.
  2. For your CRM
    1. Export all Accounts to an Excel Sheet.
    2. Export all Products to a separate Excel Sheet
  3. Let’s compare the columns.
    1. Copy Accounts to a 2nd Column next to Customers and run a compare.
    2. In your InterWeave Solution, check to see – did you make CRM Accounts master over Accounting System Customers?
  4. If so, correct and update Accounting System Customers to match your CRM Accounts.
    1. Do the same for Products.
  5. I assume the Accounting System Items are Master over the CRM Products, so update your CRM Products to match the Accounting System Items.
  6. Upload the updated Excel back up to SF and QB.
  7. Create a ticket and we will run binding.

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