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How To Switch Quickbooks Company File Onto Single User Mode

How To Switch QuickBooks Company File into Single User Mode

The following steps must be done to switch QB file in to single user mode:

  1. Login in to your InterWeave Integration Manager (Flows Manager) using username and password you have (see #1 in InterWeave Integration Flows)
  2. Stop all Scheduled flows (see #2 in Working with Flows), and wait until they turn all white (State = Stopped) (see #5 in Working with Flows)
  3. Login to QB server and make sure QB file is not open by integration user interweaveQR (you can manually log this user out from the file if all flows are in Stopped State but the user did not log out automatically)
  4. Switch QB file onto single user mode, and perform required tasks
  5. Switch QB file back onto multi user mode
  6. Log in to the Flows Manager and restart scheduled flows (see #1 in Working with Flows)

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