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Binding and Bulk Loading

Binding is a process of linking existing records in Salesforce and QuickBooks. It just populates one or two fields in existing records. It never moves any new records between systems.

Binding process runs in both direction but do not sync anything – it is not reading any data or writhing any data other that 2 fields below. It only binds existing records to eliminate massive duplicates after scheduled flows are started. Binding flow populates one field (custom field AccountID) in QuickBooks (pass #1) and one field (custom field QuickBooks Full Name) in Salesforce(pass #2). Usually pass #1 is 90% of time and pass #2 is 10% of time.

Usually products do not require binding – unless you have in QuickBooks items with parent items and in Salesforce – items w/o parent items.

Bulk load

Bulk load flows are Utility flows that are marked with DR or DRS at the end of flow’s name. Bulk load flows used for
(1) Before integration started:
To move massive blocks of data from one system to another, where this data does not exist and
(2) During daily integration process:
To catch up with missing data that was not synced for some reason.

For example, all new Salesforce Accounts that had closed Opportunities after previous integration stopped (so means they were not sent to QuickBooks) must be synced using SFAcct2QBCustDRS flow.

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