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As we move closer to completing the production flows, is there a plan for a final walkthrough or validation process? If so, what is the expected timeline for the final walkthrough? I want to ensure that we have a clear understanding of the steps that will be taken once the production flows are finalized.

The testing of the Utility Flows (from the data transfer level) accomplishes validation when transactions are created in QuickBooks/Salesforce. The Production Flow transfers the same data. There is an important distinction here; the InterWeave Solution is a live Solution in which changes, additions, new transactions can be added during the Subscription Year. We add a certain number of Smart+ hours in our engagement to make sure the first 15 to 30 days run smoothly and questions are answered quickly. We use Freshdesk as our ticketing system and Zoom is available every 2 hours of every day. Many customers make substantial changes 3 months out as they refine what other transactions they would like to see.

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