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Accessing QuickBooks remotely with the QODBC Connector

Accessing QuickBooks remotely with the QODBC Connector

What is it?

The QODBC Connector is a distributable utility that connects calls from your InterWeave Smart Solution to your QuickBooks Company file (the database).

How does it work?

The QODBC Connector contains a lightweight embedded web server, which listens for HTTPS requests originating from your InterWeave Smart Solution and then parses that request to the QuickBooks QODBC software driver (this is OEM’d and in your QuickBooks currently). Each request contains the XML data to be communicated to QuickBooks. The QODBC drivers then parses request to the QuickBooks SDK with MSSQL calls or QB XML calls.

How do I set it up?

The Remote Connector is available for both QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop hosted on a Windows 2012 or 2016 Windows Server from InterWeave. Please contact your InterWeave Sales Representative.

What does it cost?

The QODBC Connector cost $200 annually for the runtime license.

SSL Security

InterWeave Smart Solutions use SSL Security to encrypt all data transmitted across the network, ensuring that the QODBC Connector can publish outgoing request and read incoming requests in a secure manner. This prevents unauthorized parties from accessing any of your QuickBooks data. The connection from the QODBC Connector and the QODBC software drive is https.

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