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Custom BNF Field Mapping in InterWeave Solutions

BNF for mapping: <mapping>::==<format_prefix><header_prefix><system1_API_name><delimiter><system2_API_name_or_value> <format_prefix>::==”!”|”#”|”~”|”” “!” – date fields “#” – number/currency fields “~” – not nullable text fields “” – no format_prefix – regular text fields   <header_prefix>::==”.”|”” “.” – applicable only for transactions objects for mapping starting from the second mapping; must be used for the fields from transaction header “” – no…

How to Use Single Run Utility Flows in InterWeave Integration Manager

In order to use Utility flows you will need to:

1. Login into your ISP (Interweave Integration Solution) flows manager
2. Run one of Utility Flows (second low section of the screen) to test

How to Change SalesForce Credentials in InterWeave Company Profile

Log in into Integration Flows Manager: Go to and click on Customer Login link.

Salesforce Password Policies

Set the password restrictions and login lockout policies for all users.

Let’s first start with – Who is FlexQuarters and what is QODBC. Limited is an Intuit Partner that designs tools to automate connection and integration with your QuickBooks.

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