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InterWeave Tax Solution for Salesforce

InterWeave Sales Tax Solution works inside your Salesforce

CRM Solutions like Salesforce help distributors to maximize productivity and efficiency in every area of their business. Even as CRM Solutions automate many of the elements of your business, managing sales tax is typically a manual event.

InterWeave’s Sales Tax Solution provides sales and use tax compliance services in your CRM. Salesforce can now streamline the tax compliance process with the Opportunity, Product or any Custom Object, saving time, reducing errors, and cutting costs. Address validation, jurisdiction determination and rate calculations are applied real-time for US and Canada tax processing.

Tax Solutions Process:

Different states use different sourcing methods. While most states use destination-based sourcing, which means the applicable sales tax rates and rules are the ones tied to the delivery address, some states use origin-based sourcing (i.e., the location of the seller or shipper). And others use a hybrid approach.

We use the exact address of the sourcing location, not just the ZIP code. Multiple sales tax jurisdictions can be located within a single ZIP code. Even next-door neighbors could pay different sales tax rates if their homes are located within different sales tax jurisdictions

We calculate sales tax by starting with the statewide rate, if applicable. Then add any county, city, local, and/or special district taxes on top to get the total combined rate that applies to a taxable transaction. As always, certain buyers and products are exempt, according to local sales tax laws.

Key Features:

On-demand Tax calculation in your CRM

    • InterWeave Sales Tax Solution delivers real-time sales tax directly in your CRM at the moment of invoice creation.
    • Geospatial location-based Tax calculations
    • InterWeave Sales Tax Solution uses geo-code location based advanced technology to map sales taxes.

Connection with multiple Entities

    • InterWeave Sales Tax Solution is an unmanaged package that InterWeave Technical Support personnel run to establish the custom sections and fields required in your standard or custom CRM objects. We then integrate with the Financial Accounting System of your choice for full transaction processing and support.

Tax holidays are covered

    • Navigate tax holidays and other complicated scenarios with ease. The InterWeave Sales Tax Solution has you covered.


    • As a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, InterWeave Sales Tax Solution updates take effect as soon as they’re deployed, keeping your calculations current.

On-demand reports in your CRM

    • Create custom reports in your CRM to understand your tax exposure and reporting requirements.

Key Attributes:

    • CRM Integration – A flexible CRM Platform which supports the type of customized processes customers require in their Solutions environments.
    • Cloud Platforms – The InterWeave Platform has run at Rackspace Managed Hosting, a large US based Internet Service Provider since 2006. Additionally, InterWeave is fully duplexed at TrappOnline, our Hosting Partner who provides dedicated servers for financial applications, payment gateways, ecommerce and more. .
    • Multi-cloud Integration – CRM cloud solution had its own platform on hosting provider, Rackspace and others. To integrate and other CRM cloud solutions with marketing and financial applications like QuickBooks, Sage, MS Dynamics and more. Customers need a platform to work with multiple cloud environments.
    • Rapid Growth – InterWeave  provides a cloud platform that supports rapid growth. “Doubling or tripling our customers business every year is InterWeave’s goal,” stated Bruce Magown. “That’s how you build a sustainable business in the SAAS world.” said Magown.  
    • Real-time Support – InterWeave is a Vendor that you can count on, not only for their Solution, but one who could present Best Practices, other Certified Partners and a Support Program that responds in real-time.

Business Needs:

    • CRM Integration
      • Our customers require a flexible CRM Platform which would support the type of customized process they had in their prior application environment (and we do mean custom). Shortly after subscribing to Salesforce, the real-time integration with Financial Accounting Applications is the Solution.
    • Cloud Platforms
      • With Salesforce, InterWeave, TrappOnline and our Financial Applications Hosting Partner, we can provide dedicated servers for the most demanding customers.
    • Affordable for SMB
      • But if you need more, like an ACH/CC Payment Gateway and eCommerce integration , so un-solicited or repeat orders to be consummated away from Account Reps and needs to be affordable; InterWeave has it. 
    • Multi-cloud Integration
      • Salesforce has its own platform on multiple hosting providers; like Rackspace. To integrate Salesforce and other CRM cloud solutions with marketing and financial applications, our customers need a platform to work with multiple cloud environments.
    • Rapid Growth
      • When you need a cloud platform that facilitates rapid growth. Doubling or tripling every year is our Customers goal. This is how you build a sustainable business in the SaaS world.
    • Real-time Support
      • Our customers need a Vendor that they can count on, not only for their Solutions, but one who could present Best Practices, other Certified Partners and a Support Program that responds in real-time. InterWeave’s provides this.


    • Integration in the Cloud
      • Our customers require Solutions that are in the Cloud. With InterWeave, there are no Servers, IT personnel, firewalls, etc.—all Solutions and customers applications are in the Cloud.
    • eCommerce/CRM/Financial Integration
      • Customers need full Order Management in their Salesforce, so InterWeave’s iOffice Solution provides the anwser.
    • Data Security
      • InterWeave’s customers are provided dedicated servers in a secure data center, an environment that is supported 24 hours per day. Backups are automatic.
    • Attractive Price Point
      • Customers need a Solution that is bundled and supported—in real-time. Solution bundles like iOffice Ultimate, provides exactly this. Integration with Magento eCommerce, ACH/Payment Gateway to, Salesforce and QuickBooks  – all in real-time with Virtual Pages updated every 10 seconds for iQuotes, iOrders, iPayments and iInventory—at a very attractive price point. 
    • Customized Solutions
      • With over 300 configurable options, InterWeave offers the most advanced configurable integration solution on the market for Magento, Salesforce, Payment Gateways and Financial Applications; all hosted and all in the cloud.
    • Customized Support
      • InterWeave use’s the Freshdesk Ticket Management Solution that is integrated tightly with our Salesforce. “With Freshdesk, customers can create Cases that can prioritize, respond to or escalate—quickly. “If we can’t resolve a case quickly, we host Zoom meetings on every hour of every day.