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InterWeave Salesforce Customer Payment Portal Docs

InterWeave Salesforce Customer Payment Portal

The SmartIntegration Platform for your custom Salesforce Portal Integration

The Salesforce Customer Portal delivers powerful yet easy-to-use configurable integration with your Merchant Service Providers Delivers a powerful yet easy to use configurable integration Solution for your Salesforce customers, with over 48 integrated Merchant Services Providers to choose from.

The Salesforce Customer Portal provides a secure environment, with seamless integration with real-time credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, and dozens of payment methods. Integration with your Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Products, custom objects is immediate. Additionally, Multiple MSP’s can be supported at the same time.

InterWeave Customer Payment Portal Process

The InterWeave Smart Solutions Customer Payment Portal is a application which is directly integrated with your Salesforce Account, Contact, Opportunity and Product Objects.

    • The Customer Payment Portal allows your customers to Register, Authenticate, and then review their outstanding Invoices – which they can pay any time in the 24 hour day.
    • ACH/Credit Cards may be processed according to your Merchant Services Provider against their outstanding Invoices which create Transaction Records in your Salesforce.
    • These are essentially Sales Receipts, which are now brought over your Financial Solutions (QuickBooks, Sage, MS Dynamics, Oracle, etc.) and creates the Sales Receipt record.

What It Does

    • Enables small businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations to accept online payments or donations.
    • Provides a secure, hosted payment acceptance portal that can be custom-branded for any of your small business or nonprofit customers.
    • Requires a minimal amount of technical setup to link from an existing Web site.
    • Allows processing of a variety of payments:
    • Single payments from a checking or savings account (processed as a Web ACH transaction).
    • Recurring payment from a checking or savings account (processed as Web ACH). Credit card payments – both single and recurring.
    • Enhances customer/donor convenience by allowing consumers to select the amount of the transaction.
    • Permits consumers to view information about past payments or donations for year-end tax filing or other purposes.
    • Utilizes the same authentication and permissions hierarchy as in their administration setup.
    • Streamlines payment processes and reduces paper use. 

 Payment Portal Details

    • Connects your CRM application or Web site to a Customer Payment Portal is typically beyond the expertise and technical resources of most online customers.
    • Instead, customers can easily integrate the InterWeave Customer Payment Portal (it’s a application) with their and with their payment  processors like, Transfirst, Chase Payment tech, First Data, PayPal and many more.
    • The Customer Payment Portal provides the data structure, workflow and complex processing logic, support and security necessary to ensure fast, reliable and secure transmission of transaction data.
    • Customer Payment Portal manages the routing of transactions just like a traditional credit card swipe machine you find in the physical retail world, however, the Customer Payment Portal uses the Internet instead of a phone line.
    • Once configured, the Customer Payment Portal is available 24/7 for processing transactions.

Payment Portal Custom Sections and Fields in Salesforce

Below are the Custom Sections and Fields that InterWeave provides to support real-time, scheduled and recurring payments in the Payment Portal. These Sections can be located in the Opportunity, Order or any Custom Object the customer decides on.

Payment Portal Screen Layouts

Screen 1 Home Page

The Home Page (and every page) consist of a header, body and footer. The header and footer typically reflects the customers website look and feel, but any images are optional. The body has different styles; credit card processing, vendor payments, etc., but is quite flexible.

Screen 2 – Sign in Page

The Sign in page is connected with either the Account Object or the Contact Object in Salesforce.

Screen 3 – Account Summary and outstanding orders

The Account Summary presents Account balances and outstanding orders and their balances. This information is sourced from the Account, Opportunity and Order Object.

Screen 4 – Payments page

After selecting and Invoice to be paid, you are presented with the detail and provided fields for payment. Depending upon what features teh MSP provides, we support credit cards, echecks, ACH and other forms of payments. The custom Sections and Fields that were provided by InterWeave in the Opportunity/Custom Object is where they are located.