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DR Utilities – Date Range Utilities from QuickBooks to Salesforce

These settings would pick up Items from 01/01/2021 to 05/31/2021 (Put in next day to make sure we cover all of today).
The DR/DRS utility is used when you need to run a batch of a specific object. DR utilities are single run utilities that used for a small date intervals (couple of days top). DRS utilities are used to bulk load any amount of records. Parameters for both types are:

How to determine Time Zone Shift

1. Create a new test Customer in QB
2. Run QBCust2SFAcctNF flow to send it to SF.
3. Find out what QB LastModified timestamp is (in SF) and copy it.
4. Update Customer in QB (e.g. change or add phone number).
5. Run flow QBCust2SFAcctDRS switching it to single run mode (5thcolumn in IM) and using the following parameters:

How to Connect to Sage 50

Please see generic instructions below.
In order to restart connector after rebooting server you need:

Checking on Required Fields in your

If your not getting the a result when your processing real-time payment or credit transactions in your, the first step is to check the Required Fields in your

Creating Invoice Numbers in Salesforce or QuickBooks; once decided – you can’t change

If an Integration is not sending invoice numbers to QB – it is reading them from QB after it is created. So with your setup (QB Ref Number is generated in QB) it cannot fix the issue. The change to Invoice number sequence could happen only if somebody manually created an invoice with a new sequence start number.

30/60/90 not updating in my SF Accounts

If you are running InterWeave Smart Solutions Professional or Small Business, you will need to click on the QBtoSFAccounts on the SF Home Page (under Integration by InterWeave – top left). Clicking on this link will bring over the 30/60/90 information. You should do this every day.