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30/60/90 not updating in my SF Accounts

If you are running InterWeave Smart Solutions Professional or Small Business, you will need to click on the QBtoSFAccounts on the SF Home Page (under Integration by InterWeave – top left). Clicking on this link will bring over the 30/60/90 information. You should do this every day.

How to Test your QuickBooks Connection

Login to flows. Click on the flow QBCust2SFAcctNF. In lower frame enter any random combination of letters as an AccountName (like gfdgfdgfdhfdh) and click Submit. Check Start (for that flow) and Auto-refresh checkboxes and click Submit. Wait until flow ends.  If result (rightmost column) will be 1/0 – connection is OK. If it will be…

Generating a Transaction Key to access for Credit Card Processing

Merchant Login (top right), enter Login ID and Password Select Account (top right), and in second section down on the right is API Login ID and Transaction Key Click on this and generate your Transaction Key. You need to put the Login, Password and Transaction Key in your InterWeave Payment Solution.