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How to Use Bulk Load Utility Flows in InterWeave Integration Manager

NOTE: Turn off Scheduled flows before starting Utility flows!!!
There are 2 types of Utility flows:
1. Bulk Load flows (with DR or DRS at the end of the flow name) DR = Date Range or DRS = Date Range & Size (Check radio button “Scheduled”)- for Bulk Load by period (Date Range) and batch size (S).
2. Single transaction flows (with N or NF at the end of the flow name) N = Name/Number (Check radio button “Single Run”) – for one time particular transaction sync or testing (Account/Opportunity/Product/Quote… etc.)

Adding a sub-folder in MS Office to catch QODBC errors as they are generated.

The Salesforce accounts that are not bound will not be able to connect with their QB Customer counterpart, so a QODBC error message will be produced and sent to the SF User identified in their InterWeave Solution. In addition, when invoices are run for this SF Account, additional error messages will be produced (there is no customer).

Binding issues with your Salesforce Objects

Regarding that SO – I see that either Customer is not in QB or nor bound. I do not believe that Customer is not in QB – it is rather something is wrong with the binding. Please check the following:

How to check Binding results

When we run a binding, binding flow takes the Salesforce Account Record ID and places this in the custom field “AccountID” that you created in your QuickBooks Customer Object. Same field can be activated for Vendor object as well. When you exposed that field (click on the Column title bar with the alt right button, then select “Customize Columns”) and drag and drop this from Available to Chosen. This column will now show which Customers have been bound and if blank, Customers which are not bound.

DR Utilities – Date Range Utilities from QuickBooks to Salesforce

These settings would pick up Items from 01/01/2021 to 05/31/2021 (Put in next day to make sure we cover all of today).
The DR/DRS utility is used when you need to run a batch of a specific object. DR utilities are single run utilities that used for a small date intervals (couple of days top). DRS utilities are used to bulk load any amount of records. Parameters for both types are: